Windows 11 Preview Channel Will Contain More Experimental Content

Windows 11 Preview Channel Will Contain More Experimental Content

Windows 11 Preview Channel Will Contain More Experimental Content _ Windows 11 will get a significant feature update within this month, and Microsoft took this opportunity to make some changes to the Windows Insider beta program, particularly in the Preview channel.


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The company explained this plan in a blog post, including with a new logo that at first glance resembles a heart image but on the other hand also resembles a person, and it is very neat.

Microsoft’s plan will have the most impact on the Developer channel, as it will be a place to incubate new ideas, but it will be a more important place where Microsoft tests new features to see which ones get a better response. Some versions may reach public users, but some may also disappear and not be heard from again.

In context, this Insider Preview program has three channels, each of which represents a different stage of development. Developer channels are the most frequently updated and the conditions are the most unstable and have many bugs. It’s also the channel that most often contains unresolved features, which are also often only noticed after being revealed by external developers, before Microsoft is ready to talk about it.


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The Beta channel is where the feature is almost into the final stage, and a place to test the feature before it is overhauled again for release to the public. While Preview channels generally get the same build as those released to the public, days or weeks in advance.

Microsoft confirmed that Beta and Developer channels will be parallel branches of active development to review several different things, and therefore, there may be Windows features appearing in beta channels before they are present on the Developer channel.

For users currently on the Developer channel, Microsoft will provide a special foothold to switch channels, before actually dividing them into two different channels. After that, the switching process between channels will become more difficult, and may require a full reinstallation of Windows.

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Microsoft says it’s making changes to its Windows Insider program because more users are using the Windows 11 Preview build than using the Windows 10 version, so Microsoft wants to realign the primary purpose of each channel.


Windows 11 Preview Channel Will Contain More Experimental Content

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